VET BVL Polytechnic


Alumni forum was rejuvenated in the academic year 2015-16 & constantly it is supporting the institution with its inputs.

It is one of the major events anticipated by both the alumni and the students every year. The successful senior alumni share the nostalgic moments during their college days and encourage the juniors to be focused and dedicated to achieve their goals. The words of wisdom of the Alumni conveys a sense of inspiration to the juniors.


  • Smt. Umme Salma


  • To encourage, foster and promote close relations among the alumni themselves.
  • To promote a spirit of volunteering and co-operation amongst Lead alumni in supporting the development objectives of Polytechnic.
  • To bring together Alumni and the faculty of Polytechnic, to share their experiences with each other.
  • To utilize the rich experiences of Alumni of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students.

Invited to register as a member of Alumni Association of VET BVL Polytechnic by filling up the online form here.

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