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Internal Quality Assurance Cell is constituted with Principal as chairperson and all HODs as members, to implement Outcome Based Education in teaching and evaluation process effectively and to ensure upgrading the quality of education to the standards of NBA so as to obtain the NBA accreditation, by taking up the activities through maintaining the following academic and administration documents

  • Academic Records
    • To monitor and analyze the course plan in the specified format
    • To implement OBE assessment and evaluation at the Institution level
    • To take-up Semester wise program assessment
    • To take initiatives for Continuous improvements
    • To create awareness in the preparation of question papers for IA test and Semester End Examination (SEE) to assess the students using appropriate action verbs as per Bloom's Taxonomy to attain specific learning outcomes in the concerned programme.
    • Organizing institutional level awareness workshops on Outcome Based Education implementation in polytechnic education.
    • To monitor periodically Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and to take measures to enhance desired outcomes
  • To form industrial/Alumni advisory body to interact with Industry
  • To involve the Program coordinator (Head of Section)
    • To interacting with course coordinators (faculty) towards attainment of PO's and to review / summarize the changes required in curriculum contents for curriculum revision
    • To conduct Mid-semester feedback and End of the course questionnaire on Curriculum from students in each theory and practical course of the programme in the prescribed format
    • To focus on course attainment by analyzing the feedback forms.
    • To organize programme wise institutional activities such as seminars by industrial experts, workshop, lecture by eminent persons, industrial/technical visits in consultation with course coordinators to aid in achieving programme specific outcomes.
  • To involve the Course coordinators (Concerned lecturer or faculty)
    • To deliver course contents effectively and assessment as mentioned in the curriculum.
    • To assess the attainment of COs and review/update the course delivery & assessment methods through the adopted methodologies with performance indicators (Rubrics) in each course
    • To maintain course plan and execute as per plan in the specified format
    • To prepare question papers for IA test and Semester End Examination (SEE) to assess the students according to the outcome based education
    • To attain specific learning outcomes in the concerned course.
    • To organize student activities in each course (theory and practical) to attain learning outcomes in effective and psychomotor domain.

Committee Members

Sl. No Name Designation Phone No Email ID
1. Sri. Venkataraju B K Chairperson 9886604306
2. Smt. Anitha B G HOD/CS: Co-ordinator 9845945282
3. Smt. Umme Salma HOD/ADFT: Member 9986738044
4 Smt. Sowmya C.R L/CP: Member 9945596464
5 Miss. Rashmi D L/CS: Member 9845945282


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