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Workshop & Seminars

In order to expose students to real world life experiences & to bridge the gap between Academics & Industrial environment ,Guest Lecturers, Workshops & Seminars are organized in the Institution to accustom them with the Information about the latest Trends in Technology.

Workshops/Seminars/Guest lecturers conducted during the academic year 21-22

Sl.No Workshop/Seminars Conducted by Sem/Class
1 Advanced Excel Certificate course Microsoft under NICT Final Year CP
2 Cloud Computing Ibeon Final Year CS
3 Cyrpto Currency Baddati Chalapathi All Sem CP
4 Direct & Indirect Taxation Miriyam Agnes Final Year CP
5 Draping Dr.Vidya Vivek Final Year ADFT
6 Effective Study Skills Mr. H.A. Jayasimha II Year CS/CP/FT
7 Embroidery Mr. Balakishan I year ADFT
8 Fevicryl Mrs. Swathi II Year ADFT
9 Manthan Workshop Manthan FKCCI Final Year CS
10 Short term courses on “ Traditional ADFT Dept Final Year ADFT
Outdoor Campus Activities

State Level Seminar

Final semester 17 students and staff members Smt. Sowmya.R HOD ADFT, Kum. Divya L/ADFT, Smt. I.N Pallavi L/ADFT, Smt. B.A. Pavithra L/ADFT attended state level seminar organized by M/S Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd & Army Institution of fashion design at Jnana Jyothi.

Manthan program 2018

FKCCI a flagship events of Business Plan Presentation Award Program, which motivates the students to initiate the start-ups. VET BVL Polytechnic Staff & students participated in Business proposal event organized by Manthan.

State Level Paper Presentation

The Faculty members Smt. Anitha B.G HOD/CS & Smt. Swathi. R.G L/EC accompanied with Principal Dr. Sreelatha. G attended 22nd ISTE State Level Faculty Convention and 30th Dr. L.S Chandrakanth Memorial Lecture at SJCIT Engineering College, Chikkaballapur on 04-02-2020. The paper titled “Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering” was presented by Smt. Anitha B.G HOD/CS, Smt. Swathi R.G L/EC presented paper titled “Method of detection of higher order Gaucoma”.


Workshop on Python programming

The python workshop was conducted for IV & VI Sem Computer Science Students. The Training was conducted by DHS Informatics Jayanagar, Bangalore

The Training on A+ & N+ Technology was conducted for V Sem Computer Science and Electronics & Communication Engineering Students during summer vacations by Alpha Tech Academy-An IIHT & Tally Institute. The resource person was Sri.Maruthi Rao.

Workshop By Deccan Herald

Workshop on "Mind Mapping techniques" was conducted by Deccan Herald News paper. Mr. Harish Bala was the resource person. He introduced the Concept and collaborated on pictorial representation and initiated the students to speak on the spot. He explained the importance of mind mapping for students in learning. The session continued with a small activity by writing 100 new things about themselves, Students were very much interested in doing this activity. He highlighted the use of colour images in mind mapping. He also enlightened the students about importance of "template 04" which clearly explains about the Past Present Future, Perspective, Geographical variation and comparision.

One Day Workshop On Draping Technique

One day workshop on draping technique was held by Smt.Vidya Vivek, fashion designer, Alumni & also a Industry Advisory Committee in ADFT conducted on 11th January 2019. Garments like Dindle Skirt, Legged skirt and top with yoke was demonstrated on body from and students were given hands on experience. Students were briefed with workshop and were very informative.

Survey Camp

Survey Camp was conducted for 6th semester for 12 days in the month of December from 20 to 31st 2018. Students were exposed to the practical application of Survey in the field. This year the camp was conducted at Melukote Mandya district .All the staff of civil engg department participated in the survey camp activities.

Automation In IT Power Systems

Workshop on IT Power Systems workshop was conducted for IV & VI Sem Computer Science & Electronics & Communication Engineering Students on 08-12-18. They learnt about basics of Electrical, Smart Home, Types of Power Generations, IOT Advantages, Smart City, and Conservation of Electricity in Future.

Workshop on total station

A workshop on total station was conducted on 28/9/18 by Mr Arunkumar to III sem civil Engg students of SVK Polytechnic.

Fevicryl Workshop

Shantha Prabhu from fevicryl conducted a workshop for 7 days in the month of August. The workshop introduced the students to fabric painting Techniques.They were taught with wet strokes, double loading, stencil, glass painting, mixed media mural, block printing using vegetables, liquid embroidery etc. The workshop opened up endless opportunities for the students to transform a plain fabric to a mesmerizing work of art.


Workshop on IC Engines

Workshop on IC Engines overhauling is conducted on 6th and 7th August 2018 by AJ Heuristic training people for 3rd and 5th sem mechanical students to make students to understand Functions, Classification of I C engines, Parts, Operation, Terminology, Working of I C Engines, design, manufacturing, disassembly and assembly of two stroke and four stroke engines and its complete parts.

Workshop On Cloud computing

Cloud computing workshop for 3rd & 5th sem Computer Science students on 26-07-2018 & 27-07-2018-By Mr.Vinay Adithya.

Cloud computing by alumni Rahul of EC Department to IV sem students.

Android Operating System

A Workshop on “Android Operating System” was held at SJP Polytechnic, Bangalore for 3 days from 5th to 7th March 2018.IV sem Computer Science Students Devendra.D , Jerrin Paul & Md. Rashid attended the workshop & learnt about the Theoretical Concepts of Android Operating System, Android VS other Operating Systems, Android development Apps etc .They acquired Practical knowledge of development & running Android Apps.

Workshop on Color Medium by Vidya Vivek

The workshop was conducted by a fashion designer,Vidya Vivek ,alumna of V.E.T B.V.L Polytechnic. Vidya Vivek stepped forward to teach us the beautiful world of colour media which was very interesting. She also taught the artistic use of colours in a very unique way. The workshop provided a practical experience in the creative journey of the students. They learnt the techniques to use sketches, markers, pencils, brushes, markers, watercolors and other colour mediums. The workshop was indeed a fabulous portrait of colours in the field of fashion.

The Seminar Showcased the latest Educational Technologies and trends to empower educators to redefine their Vision.

Tranning Programme

HVAC Training Programme

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) training programme has been conducted on 17th September 2018 by M/S Prinston Engineers. Importance of HVAC, Design of HVAC systems, HVAC industrial and domestic applications.

Auto CAD-2016 Training Programme

Auto CAD-2016 Training Programme has been conducted from 23/01/2019 for 10 days to make the students to learn the sketching, 2D and 3D modeling in drafting of machine parts to make quick and perfect drawings.

The program WeCon

The program WeCon (Women Entrepreneurship Conclave) inspiring the next generation of women to be empowered was organized on 3rd & 4th of September 2018 in Jain University campus near Kanakapura.

EDUSAT Programme

Course content programwise is made available By DTE through its Edusat/DTE studios. The same is being available to students in the classroom & they are also given information to avail the facility thru their Android Mobiles. The content is available in the following link DTE Studio

Training Programme:

The Training on A+ & N+ Technology was conducted for V Sem Computer Science and Electronics & Communication Engineering Students from 03-06-19 to 05-07-19 for 25 days by Alpha Tech Academy---An IIHT & Tally Institute by Resource person Sri .Maruthi Rao

An online Internship Training was conducted by Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore between 25-05-2021 to 01-06-2021 for Final year students of CS & EC departments.

Topics For CS Deparment

Topic Resource person
Day-1 Java concept Ms.G. Priyanka
Day-2 a.Introduction to Android
b.developing calculator
Mr.S.Sampath Kumar
Day-3 a.Android studio Introduction
b.Bill Generator App
Mr.S.Sampath Kumar
Day-4 a.Android studio Introduction
b.Simple App using Android Studio
Day-5 Build an App using Android studio Mr.A.Anandaraj
Day-6 PPT Presentation Mr.S.Sampath Kumar
Ms.G. Priyanka


Topic Resource person
Day-1 Word press Smt . Shanthi prasad
Day-2 creating word press Smt. Jayapratha Thangavel
Day-3 Creating web pages in Main menus and sub menus Smt. Sasirekha . S
Day-4 Blogs , Image gallery, live Chat Smt. Gayathri N
Day-5 Landing page Smt. Jayapratha Thangavel
Day-6 PPT Presentation Jayapratha Thangavel

For EC Department

Date Session Handler Topics Activity
25/05/2021 Dr.N.Shanmugasundaram
Mr. M. Vivek Kumar
Day Zero - Inauguration and Basic Introduction -
26/05/2021 Mr. M. Vivek Kumar Overview of embedded system, Arduino Hardware & Arduino software IDE - Programing concept in Arduino software IDE Quiz 1
27/05/2021 Mr. M.Vivek Kumar Analog and Digital Sensors Quiz 2
Task 1:Simple circuit using Tinkercad
Mr.V Anand Kumar Introduction to Tinkercad with simple example (LED, switch, PIR)
28/05/2021 Ms. D. Sindhu
Ms. R. Brindha
Working with LCD display, Temperature sensor and Smoke sensor using Tinkercad Quiz 3
Task 2:Simple circuit using Tinkercad
29/05/2021 Ms. M. Kowsalya
Ms. S. Aiswarya
Application Development using MIT App Inventor Quiz 4
Task 3:Develop android app in MIT app inventor
31/05/2021 Mr. M.Vivek Kumar House wiring + Introduction to IoT + Live Demo - Working in Think Speak cloud platform Quiz 5
Task 4:Field creation for data visualization
Mr.S.Sampath Kumar Over view of Various Cloud platforms
01/06/2021 Students will be assigned to all based on participant count Individual Project Presentation PPT Presentation


Sl.No Online Internship Dept college Name
1 Discover Of IOT VI EC Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore
2 Mobile Application Development VI CS Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore
Guest Lecture & Seminars

Guest Lecture on IOT

Guest Lecture on IOT for 3rd & 5th Sem Comp Sc Students—By Deepak ,Walking Text on 21-08-2018. Lecture was given on IOT,how to implement in Vehicles, Home appliances and other Items embedded with Electronics, Software, sensors, actuators and Connectivity which enable things.

Guest Lecture was arranged on Design, Sketching and Manufacturing

Guest Lecture was arranged on design, sketching and manufacturing by Abhishek. P on 02-08-2018 focussing on the importance of design in the field of manufacturing. Students were briefed about the steps involved in product cycle of the industry, Design process, sketching, wall taping, scale modeling, digital modeling, virtual reality presentation, clay modeling, prototype model, testing and product manufacturing.

Data Mining Seminar

The seminar was conducted for Second & Final year Students by Mr.B.K.Bhaskar on 7th march 2018.The students were exposed to the applications of Data mining in our day-to-day life like E-commerce sites. E-Commerce companies use data mining & Business intelligence to offer cross-sells and upsell through their websites.

Seminar on Microsoft Educloud

Microsoft organized seminar based on their product MS365 cloud.It was attended by staff members Smt.Pallavi jagadeesh Lect/CS & Smt.Jahan Ara Lect/CS.

Add-on certification course on NX Unigraphics

NX Unigraphics course for 5th sem students was conducted in association with Think# for a duration of 46 hrs by resource person Mrs. Abhishek .the course started from 30th January and ended 14thFebruary.It helped our students to enhance the employability skills in design and drafting. They learnt the different tools available in the software, their use, drawing basic curves, part modeling, assembly, drafting, rendering, Reading drawings, Surface modeling, sheet metal modeling, Reverse Engg, Collaborative product development system, Interference to work with sheet metal and Future based modeling. The session was very interesting in providing students enormous knowledge.

The Python Workshop was conducted for Faculty of Computer Science (FDP), IV & VI Sem Computer Science Students. The Training was conducted on 6th, 7th, 13th& 14th January 2020. Both theory & practical sessions were held by DHS Informatics Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Fevicryl workshop was conducted for first year students from 27th-29th January .The resource person was Mrs.Priya satish. The workshop highlighted on Doodling on canvas board, imitation of tanjore painting using shilpkar fabric painting on tote bag as well as different painting techniques. It was a three day certification course. A hand on experience was given for the students and students carried their end product with them.

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